Best New Year Events In Chennai 2023

If you’re looking to ring in the New Year with a bang, Chennai is the place to be. The city is home to a wide range of party spots, including 10 Downing Street, The Flying Elephant, Velveteen Rabbit, Radia Room, Ink 303, and Cloud 9. These bars, pubs, hotels, and resorts offer the perfect setting for a festive celebration, with eclectic vibes, live music, and a wide range of drinks and food options. For a truly memorable New Year’s Eve, head to Radia Room or Phoenix Bar for a lively bash, or check out Waves Bar & Lounge for a more upscale experience with fancy dishes and cocktails. No matter which venue you choose, you’re sure to have a fantastic time welcoming 2023 in Chennai.

Here is the best places for New Year party in Chennai 2023:

0110 Downing Street

If you’re looking for the perfect place to ring in the New Year with cheer, fun, and lasting memories, look no further than 10 Downing Street. This legendary British pub offers a sophisticated and upscale setting, complete with plush interiors and a royal atmosphere. The retro night held here on New Year’s Eve is not to be missed, with live music and performances sure to keep you entertained all night long. The pub also serves up delicious food, with a special menu in store to make your New Year celebration extra grand. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate the start of the new year in style at 10 Downing Street.

02 The Flying Elephant

If you want to experience the perfect New Year Celebration in Chennai, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful bar. It boasts a lively atmosphere with live music gigs and commercial hits to get you in the celebratory mood. The fancy dance floor is sure to get you moving to the beat, and the delicious menu will keep you satisfied all night long. The bar’s unique and tasty drinks and tequila shots are a must-try, and you’ll be treated to performances by various musicians and artists during the New Year celebration. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories at these exciting venues.

03.Velveteen Rabbit.

Named after a beloved children’s book, “The Velveteen Rabbit,” this pub is a top destination for celebrating the New Year in style. It boasts a wide selection of cocktails and tequila shots to elevate your experience, as well as a menu filled with global cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. Karaoke nights and unforgettable parties make this venue particularly popular among partygoers. The ambiance is electric, with neon lights and a lively DJ setting the mood. The charm of this place on New Year’s Eve is undeniable, with stunning decorations, a glowing atmosphere, and non-stop music and dancing. Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate the start of the new year at The Velveteen Rabbit.

04 Radia Room

Known for hosting the best New Year Party in Chennai, this venue is sure to be packed with partygoers looking to celebrate in style. The well-known artists who perform here are sure to get you moving with their spinning numbers. The quirky ambiance and unique entertainment themes of this venue make it a must-visit on New Year’s Eve. A special menu is designed for the occasion, featuring a wide range of delicious options to satisfy your taste buds. Even if you don’t dance or drink, the appetizers and mocktails here are worth trying. Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate the start of the new year at this exciting venue.

05 .Ink 303

Welcome in the new year with a bang at this cozy bar, known for its laid-back ambiance and fun wall art. The Bollywood night, live gigs, and DJs here will get you in the celebratory mood. Make sure to try the grilled prawns served with Hunan sauce, a must-have dish at this venue. You can also enjoy refreshing mocktails and drinks as you party the night away. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ring in the new year in style at this fun and relaxed bar.

06.Cloud 9

Looking for an extremely romantic hideout on the New Year? This rooftop restaurant gives you the chance to have a breezy dinner with your partner to savor some precious memories. It’s the hotspot for the liveliest New Year Party in Chennai where you can gulp down the exotic drinks and can relish the entertainment-packed performances.