Oral Health Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making


I have always thought that bloggers who share pictures of their fresh juice on Instagram every day must be very healthy. However, while these colorful drinks may be beneficial for gut health, they may not be so good for oral health.

Occasionally skipping brushing your teeth at night

If you’re frequently coming home late from social events and going to bed without brushing your teeth, it’s likely that your oral health will begin to deteriorate. This scenario is something that we can all relate to, as we’ve all probably experienced the temptation to skip our bedtime oral hygiene routine when we’re feeling tired. However, it’s important to prioritize brushing your teeth in order to maintain good oral health.

Not cleaning or replacing your toothbrush

I generally replace my toothbrush every six months when I go for my routine dental cleaning. However, I have learned that even this frequency may not be enough to ensure that my toothbrush remains clean and effective in maintaining my oral hygiene.

Putting off your appointment

I get it. I really do. You’re busy. In between work, family obligations, and the occasional night out with friends, you’re stretched pretty thin, and going to the dentist can fall to the bottom of the priority list. However, putting off your appointment will only cause more oral health issues down the road.

Brushing your teeth after drinking coffee

Many of us are aware that coffee can be harmful to our teeth because of the stains it can leave behind. While it may seem logical to try to remove the stains immediately, it’s important to remember that scrubbing too hard or using abrasive materials to remove the stains can actually damage the surface of your teeth. It may be difficult to give up coffee, but it’s important to consider the potential impact on your oral health.

Drinking sports drinks

Sports drinks can provide a boost of energy and hydration after physical activity, but they can also be high in sugar, which can be harmful to oral health. Instead of reaching for a sports drink, it might be better for your teeth to have a piece of fruit or a glass of water after a workout.