7. Psychological Facts About Male Attraction (2022) Most People Don’t Know

1. Biology Plays a Big Role in Male Attraction 

Men are often attracted to traits that indicate reproductive fitness, such as youth and physical attractiveness. This attraction is often driven by a subconscious desire to reproduce and pass on their genes to future generations. In order to do this, men may seek out partners who are perceived as being the highest quality and most capable of producing healthy offspring. This attraction to reproductive fitness is a natural, evolutionary process that has developed over time to ensure the survival and success of the human species.

2. Men Find the Color Red Very Attractive

Countless studies have found that guys perceive women as more attractive and sexual when they’re wearing the color red. The deep red shade of crimson, in particular, is a serious man-magnet.

So, if you’re trying to turn a man’s head, wearing a red-colored piece of clothing or applying rich red lipstick might just do the trick. 

4. Guys Can’t Resist a Women in Heels

Studies have shown that many men find women more attractive when they are wearing high heels. There are a few theories as to why this might be the case. Some researchers suggest that high heels alter a woman’s body shape in ways that are perceived as more feminine, such as by making the chest and hips more pronounced and increasing the pelvic tilt when walking. Other theories propose that high heels are associated with femininity and sexuality, and that men are attracted to these associations. Ultimately, the specific reasons why men find high heels attractive may vary and may be influenced by a variety of factors, including individual preferences and cultural.

5. Men Find It Attractive When Women Smile

Men often find women more attractive when they smile, as they perceive the gesture as a sign of approachability and potential interest. On the other hand, many women tend to find men less attractive when they don’t smile. This difference in attractiveness based on smiling behavior may be influenced by various factors, including societal expectations and cultural norms. Ultimately, the attraction between individuals is complex and multifaceted, and different people may find different things attractive for a variety of reasons.

6. Men Want to Spend Alone Time with People They’re

If a man seems to be seeking out opportunities to spend one-on-one time with you, it may be a sign that he is attracted to you. This could involve going on quiet walks together, having drinks, or seeing a movie, among other activities. Solo time with you may be something he values and seeks out, as it allows him to be more intimate and focused on the connection between the two of you. Of course, it’s important to note that this is just one potential sign of attraction, and it’s possible that a man may want to spend time with someone for other reasons as well.

11. Guys Want to Get Physically Close to the People They’re Attracted To 

If a man is attracted to you, he may try to get physically closer to you in various ways. This could involve overt gestures such as putting his arm around you or giving you a hug, or it could be more subtle, such as sitting on the edge of his seat to get closer to you or engaging in playful touches. These behaviors may be his way of trying to establish a closer connection with you and show his interest. It’s important to note that physical proximity is just one way that someone may express attraction, and it’s possible that someone may have other reasons for wanting to be close to another person as well.